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Kilo Echo (KE) is the name of our multi-game guild. Originally founded as Katana’s Edge at the launch of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, our tight-knit community has since grown into other multi-player video games, such as Rift and Guild Wars 2. Longtime members of Kilo Echo pride themselves on the friends they’ve made in game, their raiding abilities, their Achievement one-up-manship, and their ability to come up with silly new KE names for a guild each time a big multi-player game is released.

Current KE Guild Listing:

  • Katana’s Edge
  • Kneecap Everything
  • Knockoff ElDorado
  • Klepto Elephants
  • The website itself is built on the Enjin platform. As the primary site admin, I was responsible for a majority of the styling, just a splash of CSS, and all of the graphic content. Creating game badges, news items, and other graphic content for the site is just about the most fun I can have in Photoshop. Examples below.

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