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Achieve Healthcare needed to train their staff on a new infrastructure system they were putting into place. Our job was to explain a complex system in a dead-simple way, on machines with limited bandwidth and horsepower.

I designed a library of art assets that could be pushed and pulled along a series of lines with uniform weight (or “strings” as I like to think of them). In addition, I could use these lines to tie in the typography and create some cool wipe effects. I don’t remember how I came up with the string idea now, but I still really enjoy the effect. It takes fairly dry content and treats it in unexpected ways, maintaining the learner’s attention.


In all, there are two different color themes for separate topics, and roughly 50 of these animations total. Here are just a few examples (narration audio removed).

pegThumb01Example 1 (swf)

pegThumb01Example 2 (swf)

pegThumb01Example 3 (swf)

pegThumb01Example 4 (swf)

pegThumb01Example 5 (swf)

pegThumb01Example 6 (swf)

Source Art